Cloud-Zoom inside Fancybox

Aug 31, 2010 β€’ Ole Michaelis

Hey there, I like to translate this post to english, due to this awesome interest.

Today I want to blog some programming stuff, its some time ago I do that. I give my attentaion to the cowork of fanybox and cloud-zoom, booth are jQuery plugins. And to be honest it’s not that hard as it sounds. Let’s go:

Fancybox init:

β€˜onComplete’ : function(arg) {
// Here does the magic starts
.attr(β€˜href’, $(arg[0]).attr(β€˜href’))
.attr(β€˜rel’, β€œposition: β€˜inside’”)
// That’s it

Now deactivate the boarders in cloud-zoom.css:

/* This is the zoom window. */
.cloud-zoom-big {
/*border:4px solid #ccc;*/

Thats it. Have fun!