Calculate age with PHP DateTime

Mar 19, 2011 • Ole Michaelis

Hey there,

First of all I want to say sorry, that I don’t write anything for such a long time, but I’ve a really big project running and this is why I have no time for blogging at the moment. BUT I want share a little codesnippet with you. The project I mentioned is a big community site and therefor I needed a cool way to get the age from a user, but we only have his birthday. And nearly all solutions google shows me don’t respect the leap-years. So I have to look for a solution on myself. And yeah it’s pretty easy with the “new” PHP DateTime. Take a look:

$oDateNow = new DateTime();
$oDateBirth = new DateTime($sDateBirth);
$oDateIntervall = $oDateNow->diff($oDateBirth);
/* @var $oDateIntervall DateInterval */
echo $oDateIntervall->y;

That’s it. Easy, huh?

The next post in abount two weeks hopefully will announce the “big” project I’m working on. So stay tuned…