RauteMusik.FM goes live!

May 2, 2011 • Ole Michaelis

Hey there,

After about only 3 Month of developemnt time, my newest project goes live: www.RauteMusik.FM That´s also the reason why it was so damn quiet the last month. And I hope, that I now have more time for this blog.

RauteMusik.FM Homepage RauteMusik.FM Homepage

Hope you all like this site. It tooks a lot of work for my and my friends (Tom, Martin and Mike).

Now I can also write about the daily work from time to time. Because its not top secret anymore =)

There is also a YouTube video where you can watch us during the release.

RauteMusik Developers during the release! Yep! I’m in there too ^^

Hope you all like it, and please leave a comment if you do so :) If not just stfu!