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Passionate Software Engineer who is also into DevOps.
I 💖 ruby, node, php, metrics, NoSQL and especially all bleeding edge stuff.*
* hates hardware

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So Coded

After Thorben, Sebastian, and me went to Take Off Conf 2013, we came up with the idea to create our own event, and Julia joind our Team. In September 2013 the very first So Coded took place. After a two years break and so many requests, we decided to do it again. So Coded 2015 happened in July at an old Church with 12 international speakers! is a side project which became reality because of the need for such a tool. A slide sharing platform which works on mobile (mobile first) and focus around the deck and also makes the slide content more accessible. Started 2013 after the first So Coded as a proof of concept that pdf.js can be used for displaying slides in the browser it continues to be a real matter of heart! ❤️


Since back in the school days, the joy of sharing knowledge and speaking in front of awesome people was there. Since the first international appearence at TakeOff Conference 2013, I've been to over 50 conferences around the world speaking about various aspects of programming and software.

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